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The trend of organic baby clothes is part of a larger trend towards organic clothing, as more people become aware of the significant effects that the textile industry has on our environment.

The Canadian brand Nest Designs is a great source for organic baby products. They have a wide selection of colorful, cute patterns and animal prints for the little ones both for clothing as for nursery products.

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Climate change is a fact. Many counties are suffering a major drought. Countries, in many cases, key to textile production and development. Today nearly 20% of all water pollution occurs through the making of non-organic clothing. That’s why brands, like Nest Designs, that have sustainability at the very center of their philosophy are so important.

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As you can see at their website, their muslin products are made of a special rayon made from bamboo, blended with cotton, achieving a breathable, durable and very soft fabric. Bamboo crops take far less water consumption than other crops, is highly adaptable to several climates and doesn´t require pesticides.

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Sustainable, cute and with a passion for details (such as their beautiful packaging), pretty good, isn´t?


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Find out the 10 steps for creating a trendbook the Minicool way

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