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In October 2016, we had the opportunity to attend the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. It was a great experience for us, as we got to know the American market as a partner of the event.

It’s an event that every design professional should attend because, besides its commitment to innovation, it’s also the most important trade fair in the US in terms of product quality and exhibitor and visitor numbers.

But don’t worry. We know you don’t always have the time or resources to pay a visit and immerse yourself in the latest international market trends, so we’ll tell you a little about what was on display at this mega-expo as well as Minicool’s experience there.

Shall we begin?

The Expo played host to around a thousand companies that operate in the children’s sector, engaged in areas such as babies’ fashion, large and small childcare products, children’s accessories, accessories for moms and dads, toys, blankets and diapers.

Minicool had its own stand, where our trend books for upcoming seasons were on show, and we had the pleasure of being next to a very interesting area that had been specially prepared for inventors.And on our other side, we were able to enjoy an exhibition of innovative products that had been launched barely a year ago. Some of these products received awards from the show’s organizing committee. But the event isn’t just a great chance to engage with national and international buyers and manufacturers. No! Various educational talks are also held for all the Expo’s exhibitors and visitors. In fact, Minicool played a leading role in one of these training sessions, and it was a thrilling and enriching experience!

Let us tell you about it…

We gave a conference on the trends for the 2018 Spring-Summer season, where we talked about the key colors that will be in, the most trending designs and the most relevant ideas that need to be considered when attempting to understand the season.

We also discussed the factors that will influence the buying decisions of parents in two years’ time, and we explained how changes in consumerism will affect fashion companies and consumers alike.

Las Vegas Minicool

We also took the opportunity to present the inspirational moodboards that we design here at Minicool. These are of great value to businesses when it comes to designing their products.

Conference attendees from a number of American companies were very interested in the world of trends and the knowledge imparted by Minicool at the talk.

As design professionals and exponents of the world of design, we found it very rewarding to talk to foreign companies from the children’s sector and to swap experiences with them. We say this because, in addition to carrying out research and gaining knowledge of the design world, cultural exchanges are important elements in the day-to-day work of Minicool.

But we did more than just chat, of course! And since we were in the Entertainment Capital of the World, we took the opportunity to visit art galleries and a number of commercial centers, as well as some stores belonging to brands from different continents.

All this was done in search of inspirational elements that might provide us with some clues to forthcoming trends. You can come across that small detail, the one that sends your creativity into overdrive or provides you with the answers you’re looking for, anywhere in the world.

All in all, we loved being part of the 2016 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. And we’re very grateful for the warm welcome we received from the organizing committee and the friendliness they showed towards us. Attending an event of this class is a golden opportunity to build a rapport with highly experienced professionals who value product design, product trends and the study of product forecasting. Don’t you agree?

So…We’ll see you at the next ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas!

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