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Graffiti is one of the most transgressive trends emerging from the underground artistic expression of rebel and urban groups.

The street style revamps itself and breaks pre-established laws of cities and culture.

It is an own and free way of expression considered today being more a lifestyle than an artistic manifestation.

This energy and strength reveal a new way of looking at kids’ world, creating graphics inspired by the street style and abstract scripts represented in a free, creative and unlimited way with stunning, attractive visuals, as seen on the walls, hurdles and gates of the places where this rage arises and as part of an urban, revolutionary movement influenced by Hip Hop culture.

Graffiti world leads the street style and is the trendsetter of the urban kid look.

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Find out the 10 steps for creating a trendbook the Minicool way

Find out the 10 steps for creating a trendbook the Minicool way

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