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The latest fashion trends are revolutionizing the consumer market. And their influence on the kids and baby market, in particular, has never been greater.

Who doesn’t remember being little and wanting to be like Mom or Dad? Seeing how grown-ups dressed wan an incentive for kids to imitate adults, and today this social trend is at a peak. Fashion labels are well aware of this and a number of them have their own brand lines that offer young children the chance to wear outfits inspired by their parent’s clothes. Sometimes the designs are even the same, with size marking the only difference.

MangoZara and Lefties are just some of the labels that have joined this trend.


The classic children’s look is making way for more modern, fun-loving and urban styles, with minimalism and the use of organic fabrics taking center stage. And now adults are finding that the simple, confortable outfits they favor most are not just for them, but are being aimed at young kids too. The designs offered by Gray Label are a case in point.


The Xenotees, label offers another example of practical clothing, adapted to the everyday activities of kids and featuring up-to-date drawings, messages and colors.


Then, there are timeless trends combining style and adult hobbies that get passed down to children. Such is the case with Raine Rocking Ballerinas, a label characterized by its bold, carefree and rebellious designs. Inspired by the ballerina Raine Fowler, who sought to carve out a place for herself somewhere between ballet and rock, this brand has its own line for young girls who want to share their Mom’s style.


There are also styles that connect creativity, play and family fun, such as the designs from the Jean & June label, created by artist and mom Blake and inspired by her children.

In the end, it’s a renovation in keeping with the social changes that exert a direct influence on our young children.

We hope you feel inspired by this fun trend and have enjoyed the examples we’ve provided.

Until our next post!

The Minicool Team.

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