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In-depth knowledge of the new baby generations is one of the keys to forecasting trends.

And in this new post we’d like to talk about Generation Alpha, as it’s important to be closely familiar with the

movements that will influence the world of baby and kids’ fashion and design.


 The millennials are now moms and dads!! This is a new stage of life for people born in the ’80s, and the things

that have influenced their lives will be key when it comes to choosing products for their kids.

Due to the diverse nature of the influences involved, styles will be based on fusions.

Almost no-one will have one single style, and it is this variety of styles and the ease with which they can be interchanged that

will make for more fun designs. Four styles in particular stand out, but we will see them being fused together.

And while the combinations may seem highly improbable at first, they will in fact be very attractive.

There will be a minimalist style where less will be more, while prints and patterns will both see an emphasis placed on simple,

straight lines. We will also have a more classical style, based on traditional materials and time-honored, discreet designs.

Another standout is a line that will take its inspiration from nature to bring us bright hues,

energetic fusions of colors, and organic designs. And lastly, a style that seems to be flourishing as it breaks the

established rules of kids’ fashion. It’s what’s known as mini-adult: adult patterns, designs and prints adapted for young children.


The famous Generation Alpha has arrived on the scene in a strong position.

These are the children born between 2010 and 2024, and they are forecast to total around 2 billion worldwide.


Four defined styles and seemingly impossible, but highly attractive, fusions.

This new generation represents a genuine revolution, with 30% of them playing with mobile devices while still in diapers.

That’s something that had never been seen before. This early contact with technology will result in smarter kids,

whose ability to change and evolve will be much greater than that of previous generations.

From a very early age, children will become accustomed to continuous updates and changes to both their educational

environment and the virtual games they play with. And according to some studies, this will bring positive changes

in the minds of these little ones. It’s not yet possible to envisage the kinds of morphological and

cognitive changes they will experience, but they are predicted to be very positive.


It’s amazing how quickly 1 to 3-year olds learn to use mobile devices without any help from their parents.

And a study from the University of London claims that a tablet is more stimulating for a child than a book.

However, the frequent use of these devices by such young children does have its detractors. This concern is only natural

given that we’re dealing with a pioneering generation and the consequences of this new habit are as yet unknown.

Nowadays, there are millions of babies across the globe who are learning to use a tablet or mobile device before they

can walk or read. Intuition plays a very important role in this, as does a universal method of communicating:

recognizable icons, which are easily understood by all, forming a universal language. It’s amazing! A form of communication that

goes beyond ordinary languages. Is this the future?


Screenagers: a high-profile generation who will merge their real lives with the virtual world.


We’ve found a term that defines this new Generation Alpha movement: “SCREENAGERS”.

It’s a new concept that will soon enter into our lexicon. It describes a generation born into a world in

which almost everything is connected to a telephone and where this level of hyperconnectivity seems almost natural.


The use of social networks has made this generation one with a high profile.

They’re not the ones who decide where or when to make an appearance, but they’re the “victims”

of phenomena such as the selfie, blogs, etc. These babies and young kids are unaware that they’re

sharing their lives with thousands of other people they know, as information on important events

in their lives gets published. This includes things such as their first day at school, the end-of-term party, their first baby

steps or their first words. Sharing their real life and merging it with the virtual world is something that comes naturally to them.


This mass phenomenon is turning anonymous children into icons and important influencers with thousands of followers.

Children’s voices are being heard more than they’ve ever been before. We’ve seen youngsters go as far as to the UN

in order to demand better education, peace and respect for nature.

They lead noble and just struggles from positions of innocence, but with a firmly held belief that a better world is possible.


 Patterns in fashion will change:  adult clothing in miniature and  child influencers for the fashion houses


Surprisingly, they won’t give up playing with traditional toys, which will adapt to new family and racial typologies.

The education of young children will undergo an important change: learning will be based on play and

firsthand experiences. A less constrained education, one that is closer to nature, will become highly valued.

This will include open-air classrooms and woodland schools: Technology + Nature. Children’s art and manual skills will also be encouraged.


Increased spending on kids’ fashion is forecast as labels start to treat children as influencers.

And already, there are special campaigns being designed to win over lifelong customers.


Welcome, Generation Alpha!!!

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